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Products and Services

We have a good range of products and the sizes enough to focus the work on the gap that the surrounds need;

·       The pharmacies staffs are professionally specialized in their work and according to the code of ethics that they all endure. They are working all day and night only for the safety and comfort of patients need. The staff are monitored and evaluated periodically.

·       The medical bureau represents the unique products from European and other respected manufacturer; these products need a key to enter the market with the professional marketing technique, skills and the rapid response if any feed back or extra coverage is needed.
it serves whole sellers, drug stores, pharmacies, and also professional medical health centers that required specific medical techniques like IVF centers and other community centers.

We covered whole Iraq, from north to south, east to west.



The major part of our work is the insurance quality of the product we are having, representing and marketing, so for that; we’re trying to do the best always be at par with local and international requirement standards and expectations.

We concern about the environment, safety and delivery of the products to be as it’s from the source.


Organization Structure

Our people and staff are capable to achieve the target easily and without boundaries; they empowered by the unique mind and continuous follow up.

Every one in that netted job structure has specific duties, authorities and possibilities, they all reporting their plans and the path of their work directly to the main office and to the supervisor for follow up and keeping every thing to the maximum.

·       The pharmacies staffs are consist of 11 Pharmacists

Extra 6 members for cleaning and arranging .

·       The bureau staffs are 32 members from Board of Directors, Medical Representatives, Salesmen, Distributors , Office members to coordinators

 We encourage them by special training courses and meeting circles; with respect to communication and sales policy.



We have an excellent facilities and infrastructure empowered by internal logistics and statistical surveys to take in control what’s in need and in stock.


Experience and knowledge

We support the society and the market continuously with stocks covering almost all the area belongs to us. We always having multiple choices in selecting the route to feed the markets, also we improve the market share by innovations and R&D.




Dawodi Group Scientific Bureau working environment designed by netted pathways, also we are accessing to information sources, test standards and institutes, and keep the relation with the suppliers and clients; surly without forgetting the importance of feed back.

We're fully geared for international business.


Finance and Accounting Strategies 

The growth of the bureau was very satisfied and the margin of this growth increased enormously , we are building a growth rate survey data and a  plans ( Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and three- years business plans).

the core of such plans is keep our Sales / Profit with respect to the growth ratio.






So if any one needs the care we'll surly give him the …