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It all began in 1971… when I wasn’t there!!

Dawodi Group founded as a pharmacy in 1971, when the first thing started and named as Al- Dawodi pharmacy naming it from the Dawodi flower (Chrysanthemum flower in English).

Then we established another pharmacy in 1995 and name it Al Bahja Pharmacy.

In 2009, we started to broad our spectrum and tried to enter a new line, the open market line; Dawodi Group decided to open it's medical bureau to extend it's presence from both the inside and the outside by offering  their services to the public medical and market field.

The bureau opened officially in April 2011, it has a good share in local market with a respect reference over those years by keeping marketing and distributing every area looking for any where that the human been can live on.

For that reason, there’s nothing too far; we can do it with the excellence of PPHO (Planning, Promoting, and our Hands & Mind).